Our Farms

Horizon Farming Limited is a sheep and beef farming operation, employing 25 people, based in Hawkes Bay, comprising leased and owned land with a combined total area of 7,700 hectares, of which approximately 7,300 effective hectares are farmed. This land is run in six different blocks from Havelock North to Woodville.

Every effort is made to farm each block to its strengths while being mindful of its integration with other farms that will benefit the company.

It runs approximately 70,000 stock units, comprising breeding and finishing animals.


Comprising 1390 hectares of farmland located in the Maraetotara.

Cabbage Tree Flat

Comprising 1,075 hectares located in the Omakere district.

Longrange Station

Comprising 1,820 hectares located in the Central Hawkes Bay.

Mokopeka Station

Comprising 275 hectares, is located in the Hawkes Bay.

Ratahiwi Station

Comprising 804 hectares of farm, is located near Woodville.

Seaview Farm

Comprising 580 hectares of farmland, is near Porangahau.

Horizon Farming is committed to not only maximising the potential of our land but also preserving the integrity of our environment,

By prioritising the needs of their animals, their people, and the land, Horizon Farming continues to redefine the boundaries of success. Their unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability sets them apart in an ever-evolving landscape.